BTF T-6b

43-13168 in A Bridge Too Far.

43-13168 is a North American AT-16-ND


  • A Bridge Too Far.
    Painted with RAF insignia, D-Day stripes and squadron codes HF-N,[N 1] 43-13168 was one of four examples used.


Built by Noorduyn as c/n 14A-1467, 43-13168 was passed to RCAF as Harvard IIB FT427. Retaining this serial on transfer to KLu, it was later reserialled B-118, eventually passing to the civilian registry as PH-IIB.[2]


  1. HF Code indicates a 183 Squadron aircraft. (This example could be intended to represent Tempest Mk II MW755, which was coded HF-N while serving with this unit).[1]


  1. Lake, Alan. Flying Units of the RAF. Airlife Publishing. 1999. ISBN 1-84037-086-6 Page 235

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