73-22077 (G-HUEY) disguised as an air ambulance in The Living Daylights.

73-22077 is a Bell UH-1H Iroquois


  • The Living Daylights.
    Used to retrieve Koskov from the safe house, disguised as an air ambulance.


Built by Bell as c/n 13560,[1] this aircraft was delivered to Comando de Aviacion de Ejercito Argentino at Campo de Mayo on 03 March 1973 as AE-413.

On 21 April 1982, the aircraft was transported to Port Stanley, capital of the recently occupied Falkland Islands, in the hold of an Argentinian C-130. Captured by British forces on 14 June, AE-413 was transported to RAF Odiham, United Kingdom during July 1983.[2]

Later rebuilt and registered G-HUEY, it was chartered by the Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund from 23 July 1985 to 3 January 1992. [3].



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