Built as part of the 162998 - 163009 batch,[2] 163004 was assigned to VP-62 on 29 February 1988, becoming 4/LT-4/LT-004. The aircraft was transferred to VP-65 in April 2000, becoming PG-004, joining VP-92 exactly four years later.

Following modification under the ASuW Improvement Program, 163004 was assigned to VP-69 in September 2007. In December 2013 163004 underwent enhancement under the Acoustic Receiver Tech Refresh programme, before joining VP-46 as RC-004.[3]

In February 2014, 163004 was one of six VP-46 aircraft assigned to Japan, stationed at either NAF Kadena or NAF Misawa.[4]


  1. Contributed by John Lucas to VP65 Aircraft webpage

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