An interesting shot with two aircraft wearing the code RF°M. In the foreground, it's EP120. The second RF°M is a mock up.

EP120 is a Supermarine Spitfire V


  • Pearl Harbor.
    Appears as AR3185 (RF°M).


Built at Castle Bromwich as part of a 23 August 1941 order for 904 Mk Vs,[1] EP120 was passed to 45MU on 23 May 1942. Assigned to 501 Squadron on 4 June, it struck Spitfire V AB403[N 1] on the runway at Iblsey on 16 July, sustaining Category AC[N 2] damage. Repaired on site, EP120 again sustained Category AC damage during the Dieppe operation on 19 August.

Passed to 19 Squadron on 9 September, and then to 402 Squadron on 22 April 1943, EP120 was sent to 53 MU on 12 October 1944. Re-registered as 5377M at St Athan on 13 July, it later became 8070M.[4]


  1. Initially listed as written off, AB403 was presumably repaired/rebuilt, as it was passed to Air Service Training, before serving with 64 Squadron from 25 September 1943 and 28 June 1944.[2]
  2. Repair beyond unit capacity.[3]


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