Built in 1932[4] G-ABWP originally flew with a white tail fin, but since 1976, this has been pale Blue.[5]

At 14:02 hours on 27 October 1985, the lower left mainplane of G-ABWP came into contact with the tailplane of Piper J3 Cub G-AKAZ, after both aircraft had landed on runway 27 at Barton Aerodrome, Lancashire.[4]

Following repairs, G-ABWP returned to the air. The aircraft is currently based at Redhill Aerodrome in Surrey.[6]

Spartan Arrow Test Flight G-ABWP (go-pro), Redhill Aerodrome 18May201326:04

Spartan Arrow Test Flight G-ABWP (go-pro), Redhill Aerodrome 18May2013


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