PITS 1.01 G-BBRA port front

G-BBRA is a Piper PA-23-250


  • Pie in the Sky.
    Episode 1.01 'The Best of Both Worlds.
    Used by Dudley Hooperman to make his escape after shooting Crabbe.


Built in 1973 as c/n 27-7305197[1], the aircraft was registered to Aviation Services International Inc as N40479 on 18 September 1973.[N 1]

The next confirmed owner was Bristol Air Taxis Ltd, who acquired the aircraft, now registered as G-BBRA, on 13 September 1980, before transferring the aircraft to T S Grimshaw Ltd on 22 September, who retained it until 13 May 1982.[3]

Since then, G-BBRA has been owned by Kraken Air Limited (14 June 1982-16 February 1984),[3] West London Aero Services Limited (16 February 1984-14 September 1989), Mainable Ltd (14 September 1989-19 March 1992) Warrior Aircraft Sales and Leasing Ltd (19 March 1992-21 December 1992), Giovanni Cataldo (21 December 1992-27 April 1993), Directair Leasing Ltd (27 April 1993-24 October 1994), Garry John Deadman,Trustee of Novio Magnum Flying Group, (24 October 1994-29 August 1996), Michael Gardner (29 August 1996-10 February 1997), Frank Kratky, Trading as FK Global Aviation (10 February 1997-17 July 2000), Robert Charles Lough (17 July 2000-08 July 2011),[N 2] Pedro Antonio Radu Marin)08 July 2011-27 June 2013), Mazin Anasi (27 June 2013-25 November 2013) and Aideen Ltd (Since 25 November 2013.[5]


  1. This registration was cancelled on 9 November the same year.[2]
  2. This is the most up to date entry on the Aircraft Registration Database.[4]


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