Hot-Shots Gnat 0h22m35

The two airworthy Gnats used for Hot Shots!, including XR991.

XR991 is a Folland Gnat T.1


  • Hot Shots!
    Appears as one of the 'Oscar EW-5894 Phallus' Tactical Fighter Bombers used for Operation Sleepy Weasel.


Built in 1964[1] by Folland Aircraft as c/n FL585, XR991 was first flown on 29 May 1964,[2] and delivered to the RAF on 1 July,[3] becoming a founding airframe of the Yellowjacks Aerial Display Team.[N 1] XR991 became aircraft 9 when the Yellowjacks were reformed The Red Arrows, remaining with the team until the Gnats were replaced with British Aerospace Hawk T.Mk1s in September 1979.[5] At this point the aircraft became maintenance training airframe 8637M[6] with the Royal Air Force College Engineering Flight at Cranwell, before being passed to the School of Aircraft Handling at Culdrose as A2709 on 27 January 1982,[2] where it remained until it was transported to Leavesden on 11 November 1987 for storage.[5]

On 3 August 1988, XR991 was registered G-BOXO by Ruanil Investments Ltd, who retained ownership until 15 August 1989, when it was transferred to the United States of America[7] becoming N1CL.


  1. XR991's Yellowjacks colour scheme is currently (June 2014) worn by XS102 (G-MOUR) of the Gnat Display Team.[4]


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